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good shop in san antonio?

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Can anyone recommend a good shop in San Antonio, TX? My 01 M coupe is newly out of warranty and I thought I'd explore non-dealer options. Thanks.

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I'm newly out of warranty, also. During my MC search, I heard good things about Rhinewest Think that's where I'll try.
Rhinewest is pretty good, talk to John or dave
Im still bitter at you two for taking so long to show up on here , Ive been one of the only SA Z's here :)
I've been lurking up until now as I've had nothing to contribute. I've only had it about six months.

I was hoping to hit the Kerrville rally, but my wedding anniversary is April 1st so that wouldn't go over very well unless Sentimental Journey were to play that weekend, too.
Rhine is good (m)

Rhine is good, but I have also heard from other Z owners that they had issues.
I have used Rhine and never had an issue with them.

If you want you can drive up to Austin to Terry Sayther's place. Nothing but great guys up there. I am going to have them do my cooling system. Replacing everything plastic and use metal, all preventive maintenance stuff.

Also, remember to use your BMWCCA card to get discounts on the parts that is used.

You can also check out the sponsers on the Tejas chapter's website for other repair shops in the area.

Good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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