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Good words regarding DSC

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I recently went on a BMW meet/cruise in northern california, near Eureka (my home).. pics are here... HERE and this was the first time i really put that baby to work. There are probably 50 switchbacks on the road we took, some with a u-turn style radius.

It seemed to me, i could go as fast as i wanted to through those curves,or hammer it as soon as i hit the safe speed, and my tires had 0 chance or loosing traction or sliding. I agree dsc off is the best way to have fun and feel the road, but i was a severe sceptic of anything that meant assisting the driver, till i really got to test that dsc out this past weekend.

I know this is old news to most of you, but this is my first bimmer, and im VERY impressed. just wanted to share my experience, and this just puts more reasons in my wallet to buy an m3 in a few years, god and wife willing :thumb: :thumb:
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Yup, DSC is very good

I'm sure Mystikal wishes he had it :p
I enjoy spinning like a maniac in the rain, thank you very much. :confused:

BTW, as soon as I saw that you replied to this thread I figured it would be about me. :p
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