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Well, I'm now a proud owner and am beginning to truly appreciate the things you guys talk about in this forum.

I struggled with color but finally went with Steel Gray / Sand Leather. No, you can't configure that on the website, but it can be done. When my sales person pulled up in it I was thrilled (and relieved). I think the color combo looks great.

I've got Sport and Premium packages, Steptronic, and fold-down seats. It's really a dream to drive. Can't wait for my M3 (or 5-series depending on family situation) in 5 years or so.

Oh, and because a close friend knew the owner of the dealership, I got it for a whopping $1700 below MSRP. Yowser...

Here are some pics (from my old-generation digital camera).


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Nice combo...enjoy.

To put in multiple pics just keep using the "img" button in the same post, ie, IMG then enter, press enter again to get to another line and then hit IMG again and put in another pic.

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Looking sharp. Bummer about that missing pedal though...

If you have access to web hosting space, then you can just use a succession of IMG tags to reference your images. However, it looks like you used the attach file option and you're limited to one attachment per message.
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