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Got the car back, but...

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Was in a 3-car rear-ender on Feb 1st. Traffic stopped so I stopped, the guy behind me stopped but the 3rd car didn't. Took the car to Denville BMW's body shop which is part of Gearhart Chevy in Denville, NJ. Gotta say they did a great job when it comes to fit and finish. They had to replace the hatch, rear bumper, bumper support, etc. Car really looks great and they are a good group of people. The only problem has to do with the hatch, what's wrong with this picture? I mean, what is this part off of???


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scy said:
Huh, they got you the '99-'00 Z3 Coupe hatch handle. The '01-'02 handle is completely chrome and is much longer. It's easy to change the handle which I did on my '00 Coupe.
So it's the '99-'00 handle, huh? They are getting me the larger chrome one and will replace it when it comes in, just don't know when I can get them the car again. I was wondering what it would be like to replace it myself. Is it as "simple" as removing the two interior screws by the hatch handle then carefully removing the upholstery clips to gain access?
After I installed the chrome unit I went to return the pictured handle to them but they said they didn't want it back so, if anyone is interested in it, email me at [email protected]. It's free to the first taker. If you want to kick in a few bucks for shipping I wouldn't argue.
Fzara2000 said:
That reminds me, I gotta schedule an appointment with them for my scheduled maintanence.

I'm suprised you went there though for any body shop work. I tried calling a few weeks ago for an appointment but their phone was down for an entire week. Called up customer service at BMW headquarters and we both tried calling them on a 3-way call. After no answer and 20+ rings, the guy told me there's nothing he can do and that I just had to call them at a different time. :tsk:
Was actually one of the better "car" experiences I've had. Took 3 weeks but that seemed to be about average and they kept in touch all the way. Have less rattles then when it went in and the paint matching wasn't bad either. Funny, you only really notice it when the car is dirty. Needs a good detailing....
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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