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Got the VIN! One more month to go...

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I'm supposed to take delivery around 16 April. Tic-Tac, tic-tac...
Fortunately I haven't been so busy at work in a long time so the time flies by faster than usual.

BTW, my car is being built in Regensberg. How does it compare against other BMW factories (Munich, Dinglofing (?))? Are the most 330ci built in Regensberg?
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Re: Re: Got the VIN! One more month to go...

bimmee said:

Hi danpop,

I just got the vin too, but didnt get any scheduled delivery date =(
What do you think? Is it always about a month after production started and delivery?
If you call BMWNA (if you're in the U.S.), they can tell you your production week. Once you know that, if you're on the east coast, it'll be about 2-3 after that. West coast, at least 4. Depends on how long the car sits on the dock waiting its turn to get on a boat.
Re: They are not opened today

bimmee said:
I know I should be calling them to get the latest.

But.... but they are closed until monday, ((((Thats 2 more days!!!)))

Im a newbie so let me ask you, if there is a vin, wouldnt you think the production week already started??

oh, btw, me in u.s., but not east coast, not west coast....................... in hawaii.....:cry:
I'm really not sure. It might be possible to generate the VIN before production starts. Once they know which plant will produce it, it is just a matter of figuring out where you are in line and the number just falls into place. All but the last 5 or so digits tell what kind of car and who is building it, the last digits are the serial number.
Re: thats bad news.....

bimmee said:
:cry: :cry: :cry:

I have been telling myself the production already started all this time after seeing that VIN......

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Hey, I am ordering a 325ci. What year is yours?
2001. I got it last June. I absolutely love it. I've had several BMWs over the years, and I keep coming back for more.
Re: Cool....

bimmee said:
Apparently, now that you are ordering an M3 eh!!!

My 325ci will be red too, and its my first bmw, ehehehehe..... Ive worked hard for it :p

Does the 2001 325ci look any diff than the 2002 model?
I believe the 2002 has the updated facelift: different headlight appearance and pinlight fogs. Other than that, I think they're pretty close.
Re: .....sob.......

bimmee said:
Thanks you guys, g.....good to know :cry: :cry:

bimmee is now back in square 1

Any of you bought extended warranty??
Not me.
Re: Just called my salesman

bimmee said:

There is a reason why I keep asking about the status info on bmwna site.

My salesman told me he cant give me the status code..... hmmmm. And everytime I call, he always just tell me to be patient sounding like I shouldnt be a pest and keep calling.

Your salesman is a moron. If you can call the BMWNA # and get the status code, well then they can tell you too. They can pull it up just like the do at the 800 number. I'd just chill and wait until Monday. It's only two days!
Re: Sigh..........

bimmee said:
Tell me, who should I disgust more:
1. the moron salesman who knows I cant go anywhere else if I want that bmw, since theres only one dealership in the state.
2. the moron who has decided she doesnt want any other car, besides that bmw.
One dealership in the state, huh? I must ask - what state, RI?
Re: When do I get that survey?

bimmee said:
After the sales is completed? I sure will give them some *good* score... eeeeehehe.
Yes, usually 2 weeks or so after you drive off in your new car.
Re: whoooohooooo

bimmee said:
Hey guys,

I called bmwna, I tell you, my salesman is really a useless *$%@^*#. Yesterday he told me my car is scheduled to produce in April da da da da da.....

BMWNA told me my car is in the body shop!!!! Status 151!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, let me calm down a bit..... hehehehe. ok, by reading the bmw330ci site, it says from 151 to 160 takes about a week. How about from 160 to 195? Any of you has any idea?? Please tell me, plzzzzzzzz...

:D :D :D
160 to 193 is pretty quick. Once you hit 193, your car can end up sitting on the dock for about 1-2 weeks. Mine was there for about 8 days. It's kind of at the mercy of the shipping company until it's your car's turn to get on the boat. Once on the boat, it takes a month to get to the west coast, so figure another week on top of that to get to HI?
Re: Yes indeed....

bimmee said:
hmmmmm, then I guess it IS possible, as my salesman said, it will take about 2 months before I take delivery.. =((

So Ed, your m3 is on the boat?
Yup. Check my sig... it's been on the boat for about a week now. Should arrive stateside in another week or so, then it's gotta go through the canal and up to this coast. This is one of those very few times when I wished I lived back on the east coast.
danpop said:
Quick update guys.

Called BMWNA today and found out that my car is waiting to be on the boat(182 status). I'm supposed to take delivery on April 16 (my current car's lease runs out on that day), just 3 weeks away!

Re: Canal.... where?

bimmee said:
Thats one thing I was wondering, whats the route the boat takes from east coast to the west??

And..... they must go to the east coast first?? They cant just sail straight to the west??

danpop: good for you, post some pics so we can see!!
Panama canal. And they always sail west towards the U.S. as far as I know. It's the quickest way.
Re: So...

bimmee said:
As you can see, me not good in geography, hehhe...

So, let me ask again, they must stop somewhere on east coast and cant sail straight to west coast, or.... hawaii?
To be honest, I don't know the answer for HI, but I do know that most of the ships stop on the east coast, then sail down and cross over to the west coast.
Re: I see...

bimmee said:
Thanks Ed.

Maybe they stop there for fuel....
Nope. They stop to drop off part of their shipment.
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