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Gotta love these brakes

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Out and about last night, a van in the right lane next to me decided to make a left turn (across my lane) instead of following the curve of the road to the right. At about 40 miles an hour, I found my headlights illuminating only a big slab of Dodge Ram rather than the road ahead. Jumped on the brakes, a split second of Pilot Sport smoke and ABS pulsing, and I swear my bumper missed his car by no more than 4 inches. I hit the brakes so hard that my toes hurt for a couple of hours, and am convinced that in a lesser car, I would have suffered some front-end remodeling.

Good thing I wasn't in an Audi:

Brake pedals breaking?
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Didn't you know that minvans and suv's rule the road..?!:D Glad you nothing happened to you or your car...
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