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Great BMW Poster

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Have ya seen the BMW poster at the top of Lokis site...too funny!

Jon can ya get us some?

Lokis site
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it's been doctored slightly.

Here's the original--it's in German.

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Works for me! Anyone know where I can get one?
I'd sure like one

I definitely need one of those. My office at work has way too many Mercedes snobs poking their heads in and 'trying' (lame attempts at best) to put down my little bimmer. :tsk:
A recent BMW poster that I liked a lot was a dark silhouette of an E46 sedan, in a wind tunnel. There was the wind tunnel line of smoke going from the front headlights, over the hood, the windshield, roof, back window, and trunk. As the stream trailed off the top of the trunk, it made a little swirl in the shape of a heart. Tried to get my salesman throw in a copy with the car, but he'd never seen it. I'd love to get a copy if anyone knows...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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