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Greetings from a newbie

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New to the forums. Have purchased a '97 528i with 180M miles. It's in reasonable condition though I'm starting off chasing the elusive electrical phantom some-how-and-or-another related to the lcm. Hope to have a new lcm in hand and computer matched by a local dealer in a week or so. I'm still learning my way around this beast. Had a fair number of cars (bmw, porche, mb, triumph, ...) over the years before the advent of all this electronics.

I've been reading the various threads for the wealth of information shared here. Not sure I can add anything to the conversation with these 'new fangled' cars <BG>. Use to be able to change the starter in the dark on an old volvo 544!! LOL Anyway, a real thank you for all the sharing going on here.

Be well,