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i've been reading your exchanges for about a year but never even thought to sign up.

i've got a plain jane 2002 bmw325i, 172,000 miles, 32 mpg on the road. original everything. (i can't believe it!)

back in 1974 when i was working on an oil rig in the north sea, our crooked mechanic sold me a 1600 and the clutch went out not long after i bought it. never thought about buying another bmw (and the 1600 left something to be desire).

i hate to admit it, but i wouldn't be writing if i didn't have a problem. the mechanical part of the door lock has failed so i have to leave the car unlocked all the time a one the buttons on the key fob wore out. maybe i can solder the button back on the board or get a jeweler to do it. but if that doesn't pan out, i'll call the dealer to see what a remote key fob would cost. i don't need another key. i bought a valet key. i would just like the lock and unlock the doors.

if you have any ideas let me know.

enjoy your car. if i'd found my 325i and a golden retriever earlier it would have saved me two divorces since i would have been as happy as a clam.

good luck to you folks. jw
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