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Grinding/Crunching Sound from Front Suspension?

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Hi All,

I'm hearing a bit of a crunching or grinding sound coming from my front suspension area when I go over speed bumps or large, raised bumps at my work's parking garage. Sounds like when the front of the car moves up and down, things are grinding a bit, as if it all could use some oil or something. I think it's only in the front. And I only notice it when I go over the big bumps slowly, but not when driving out on the roads. I don't have any aftermarket suspension modification of any sort. There _might_ be a correlation with cold temperatures, but I'm not sure. It started a month or two ago and it's stayed pretty cold since then (I'm in Indiana). On a day or two that warmed up a little, the sound _may_ have been less, but I'm not really sure.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this? And if so, what did you do about it? Just curious.

I've got a 2001 325xi with 3900 miles on it. All black, SP, fold down seats, CD, OBC. Just noticed my first rattle, coming from the front passenger's door. Other than these minor things, I'm really loving the car.

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