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Griot's Best of Show Wax vs. Zymol?

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I have both... the only difference I see is that Zymol leaves a lot of "dust" and smells better... any opinions?
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As an ex-zymol user, I prefer Griots best of show, but of Griots products, I highly suggest trying the carnauba wax instead of the BOS wax. Its easy to remove. Results are about the same. I've recently switched from Griots to P21S (considered the best wax when used in combination with the P21S paint cleaner when "" website was up.) I was skeptical of P21S but am very, very pleased with the results.

The one thing I really dislike about Griots BOS wax was if you let it dry too long, it was a B-i-t-c-h to get off.
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I might add, again, its not necessarily the product that you use that will obtain the best waxed finish, but indeed the surface preparation, and application and removal of any said product.
Hey Rip, what didn't you like about Zymol?

Why did you stop using it? I've also heard P21S is the best, so I might just try that, but I kinda wanna use all of my Zymol and Griots first, you know?
I only used it once because I didn't like the removal process, the Carnauba is much easier to remove than the liquid form.

I hear ya on using products up, I gave my BOS wax to neighbor, currently using P21S but may throw some Griots Carnauba on this summer.
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