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Hi fellow members!

We are proud to receive a positive review for our GROM-USB3 USB Android iPhone Car Kit and GROM Bluetooth Dongle (GROM-BTD)

"I tested the kit via Spotify on a Samsung Galaxy S8 device which yielded fantastic results.
Compared with a previously bought FM transmitter, there was no interference, smooth gapless playback, and clarity was excellent.
Rather like CD quality, sub-bass rumble was taut and well-defined, the midrange vocals were articulate, and high frequencies were extensive."
By Smit Patel

The highlights of the review are:
- easy to install;
- superb quality sound;
- integrated controls;
- OEM look and feel

Read the full review at:

Shop for GROM USB Android iPhone and Bluetooth Car Kits at

Winter Holidays Special:

$20.00 OFF: USB3, MST4, BT3.
$50.00 off: VLINE
Coupon CODE: BRIGHT2019

Drive happy!
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