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Thanks for your interest in the Daytime Angel Eyes Group Purchase.

I am hosting the GB and we will purchase the kits through OMZ Motorsports.

This IS NOT the same DDE kit offered by UUC/Omnitec/JP for $349.

This IS the "Herb" kit you've seen with the super bright halo rings.

So far we have enough buyers to get the price well below $300. We will most likely have a final price between $250-275!

The kits are ready to be shipped. We just need to get enough buyers to qualify for the low GB pricing.

If you are indeed serious about purchasing this kit; email me your full name and shipping address.

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I just received my kit today and hooked them up to my car in the middle of the day and they are very bright. The quality is super too. I can't wait to get them on my car!

The GB price is $280 and you must contact me to facilitate the purchase or else you will not get the GB price.

My email: [email protected]. You need to send me your full name and shipping address.

We will be placing an order with the manufacturer through OMZ Motorsports and you will recieve your kit approx. 1 week after we send in the payments.

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I wish....

DevHead said:
Can we get it down to $200 shipped (if enough people)? =)
That's almost 30% less than the GB price. Come on...the vendor still has to make some money or it's not worth it. $280 is already a great price.

The street price for an individual buyer is going to be $335.
unleasHell said:
Are the Installation Instructions available to read before ordering?

How long do they take to install?

No cutting/drilling???? The UCC version says that too BUT if you look at the step-by-step instructions they show a big 'ole drill and a hole...

I think if you keep the stock (headlight) color, it does not look too cheap...

And how do you turn them on? I would like a separate switch down near the DCS button, but I think they may turn on with the fog lamps (I don't like that).
here you go:

You can even install them without removing the headlight housing.

You can wire them anyway you wish...
1 - 5 of 10 Posts