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GSM cellphone + car install kit (works in E46)

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Installing this isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're handy, its not that bad.

Motorola L2000/L7089 + car install kit.
In the E46, it will utilize the factory speaker under the steering column, the roofmount antenna (or add-on M3 sharkfin one if you have a 01+ 2/4dr), and the factory harness under the center console for power and access to the aforementioned speaker. You'll need to route the included mic to an appropriate location, build a wiring harness to connect to the car, get a mounting bracket, and that's it! :thumb: The setup worked perfectly in my own car for months, until I got a new phone and installed a new kit for it.

Motorola L2000/L7089 GSM Triband worldphone
Unlocked. Tested with Cingular, Fido and VoiceStream SIMs
Brand-new factory shell (Flat Sea Blue)
Super bright, but factory-green LEDs
Engineering Mode enabled
Ringtone editor enabled
Low mileage: 1795 minutes
-Factory 600mah battery
-Aftermarket 1000mah battery (does NOT show 'invalid battery')
-Aftermarket desktop charger base
-Original travel charger (use alone or with base)
-Aftermarket cigarette adapter (sorta redundant; car kit will fast-charge the phone)
-New aftermarket handsfree earpiece
-Original belt clip
-Aftermarket leather case (never used)
-TrueSync software on CD (works through IR port)
-Original Motorola packaging

Car install kit:
Motorola S8543 Professional DSP in-car handsfree kit
Control box (mounting ear modified to fit under center console)
Power harness
Speaker (I never used this)
coiled Handset cable
Some bits and pieces that may aid in installation

$150 shipped in CONUS.
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