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GT will not allow key to be left in hatch area

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So here is what happened. Was going for a hike up near Little River Canyon in NE Alabama. Wife leaves purse in the hatch area and I close the hatch and attempt to lock the car. Hatch goes all the way down, reverses and goes all the way back up. I thought a towel was in the closing mechanism, tried to close again. Hatch goes all the way down and back up. After 3 attempt and a few stares I asked my wife to put the key in her pocket. Hatch closed no problem. Dam smart car?

If you ever want to drive some roads that very few cars can navigate over 45 miles an hour hit the road that goes down the edge of Little River Canyon. A real unexpected treat to the weekend…now if I can just get wifey out of the car for a few minutes to turn it loose…
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I'll try this with ours...suppose it makes sense. As for turning it loose, you have to do just that. Every time I drive solo, my 1st move is to switch the suspension setting to Sport+ and the gear selector, in manual mode. That is when the fun begins! :)
Unless the remote is burried enough to shield it, it appears that the remote can't be left anywhere in the vehicle and then lock it.
Key fob locked anywhere in car

i have been able to lock a fob in the front area of the car.
i do get some strange results on stored settings etc.
my tought is the car recgonizes the fob left and gets confused when the one i have with me shows back up.
it is a hassle but i am able to lock with a fob in the back seat.
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