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Guess what I got today........

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I was just talking about the traffic cam in the other post several days ago. I came home today and......arghhhhhhhhhhh, busted!!!!! $82 bucks....$(#%&$(#*^)*(^#$%^
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Did you see, 10,000 tickets last month by the Tali-vans. If they don't repeal the program all those idiot legislators should be voted out. Your cruise control will come in handy. :D
bimmee said:

Cops over here, on the other hand, seems to have nothing better to do but to harass drivers. Many times I see 3 or 4 cops car stopping ONE speeding car.... hmmmm...
HPD in action. At least they cut you some slack, more than those damn vans:mad:
bimmee said:

I know now......:cry: :cry:

So vexed, u think I should go to court to fight this ticket??? Errrr, I am 11 miles over........(should have slammed on the brakes harder to make it 9)
It's a talivan ticket right? I would since the entire program is in jeopardy. You will have to go to court more than once though.

P.S. Did you notice the board thinks we changed time too, all the posts are an hour ahead.:confused:
bimmee said:

Oh hehee, shall we let them know?

Yup its one of those tickets, grrrrrrr, have to take off from work to go court.....grrrrrr........:mad: :mad:
I'll let you tell them, I have to work hard to remain on Clem's good side:angel:

Fight it, the fines are too high and some insurance companies will charge you points for them.:tsk:
bimmee said:

Exxactly.... I already got a quote from Allstate for my new car. I would really hate to hear a different quote from them because of this ticket...
Fight it, no question. Is your car on a boat?
Mike 325xi said:

C'mon Richard... I feel a pro bono case coming on :lmao:
Feel this buddy:flipoff:
Traffic tickets are easy to fight, the judges don't like the talivans.

I assume Al is chasing down another UPS driver.
PM 325xiT said:


Richard ~ pro bono............:confused: Probably a better chance of AL winning a Slam Dunk contest:D
I do some pro bono work thank you, :yikes: But Al winning any athletic contest:dunno:
bimmee said:

Nope, it has arrived at the port tho, I called BMWNA this morning and asked if it will get on the 4/8 ship, the guy said possible...... :dunno:

Whats a pro bono case...:confused:
Good luck getting on the boat:thumb:
Pro bono=done for free, for the good.:confused: My supposed friends here like to bust me every chance they get.:(
Mike 325xi said:

Big time high priced lawyer...corner office with a view of the harbor...

C'mon be nice to him and he might do it pro bono...especially if we harrass him enough!!! :lmao: :bigpimp:
:mad: Just give my time away.:mad:
You forgot to add "stalked by small asian man from Wayne PA."
bimmee said:

hehe, I think we already are neighbors...... in a way...... :lmao:
Oh oh, :eek: You work downtown I assume?
bimmee said:

I used to, not anymore, I live there tho.... :D
I see, well you probably guessed where my sig pic was taken...there are many E46's in my parking garage.
bimmee said:

I thought u have a 325ci?!?
Right number of doors, wrong engine:D
Mike 325xi said:

Do you want vexed's office address?? :D
:flipoff: :flipoff:

:mad: :mad:
Mike 325xi said:

How about satellite photos?? I can give those too...especially after Richard's little hissy fit there :lmao:
Hey why not, maybe she can intercept


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bimmee said:

Photos??? I like see photos...... In return, I can show you my pic taken by the traffic cam.... :D
Mike has the photos, I am sure he will do the deal. :thumb:
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