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Guess what I got today........

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I was just talking about the traffic cam in the other post several days ago. I came home today and......arghhhhhhhhhhh, busted!!!!! $82 bucks....$(#%&$(#*^)*(^#$%^
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I turned right without coming to a complete stop at a red light a few weeks ago. I deserved the ticket, but who really stops when making a right at a red light at 3am (no cars in sight in all directions)? I guess the officer hadn't made his quota for the night. :rolleyes:

Cost: $349 with traffic school (bad) + 9 hours lost wages (worse).

Yeah, nearly $350.

I have been harassed quite a bit by the PD in the area lately. Between Jan. and early March, I was pulled over literally 9 times and followed all the way home many times more.

Unforturnately, there is a Japanese restaraunt that serves alcohol in the same retail center where I have my store/office. I work late (I typically leave between 11pm and 1am), so when I leave the lot they are suspicious of drunk driving. The ironic thing is that I don't drink and never have. Yet I get pulled over regularly for suspected drunk driving (they always have a lame excuse for pulling me over, such as, "You signaled for 200 feet instead of 150"). This time he followed me about 5 blocks before pulling me over; he was probably waiting for me to do something worse. You would think they would know me by now, I certainly recognize some of them!

Out of all the times I have been pulled over this year, this was the first time they have written me a ticket. I was quite surprised when he handed it to me, and my reaction probably surprised the hell out of him. It would have been much worse if I had known it was going to be $350 + a day of traffic school, believe me.

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1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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