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Guess what I got today........

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I was just talking about the traffic cam in the other post several days ago. I came home today and......arghhhhhhhhhhh, busted!!!!! $82 bucks....$(#%&$(#*^)*(^#$%^
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Traffic cams are ridiculous. It isn't bad enough that we have to deal with rush hour traffic, road rage and the guy who won't move out of the passing lane. :mad: They just installed about 10 miles worth of traffic cams going in on the 33 in downtown buffalo. They say that the cameras are just for traffic conditions, accidents, etc. and that they aren't used for speeding infractions, but I'm sure they will soon enough. Anything to bring in some extra cash for the local city government. :thumbdwn:

Sonet, I can't believe that you could get a ticket for $350 for failing to make a complete stop on red. That is total cr*p. After 1 am all red lights should change to blinking yellow. I'm all for cops pulling over suspected drunks, but not for pulling people over just b/c they're bored.

I have been stuck at some intersections where there are no magnetic strips for 4-5 minutes late at night, waiting for the light to turn green so I could go straight. Many times I will just make a right and then a u-turn to get thru this.

Maybe I should've posted this to the flame board. . .:D
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1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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