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Hacking the Safety Battery Terminal (how to trick the Safety Gateway Module)

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I'm re-building a wrecked '08 535xi and needed to replace the battery terminal before having the new DME programmed. I'm not sure if it's neccessary but I know that the programming sequence will abort when it sees that the airbag fault can't be cleared. A wasted trip to the dealer ($$)

The Safety Gateway Module (SGM) looks for a certain resistance across the wires leading to the Safety Battery Terminal. A post on "1 Addicts" (or something like that) mentioned 2-4 ohms. I tried that and it worked. Actually I replaced my deployed cable with a $30 one for an older vehicle but it didn't work. It measured 0.1 ohms across the terminals. I plan to experiment and find what is the minimum resistance allowed by the SGM and add that to the circuit ot the cable. For now though I just have about 3 ohms connected across the plug without actually connecting it to the cable. The SGM is just fine with that. It saved me $250!
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Can you show me what you had to do?


That's an 07 328i I'm rebuilding it got hit pretty hard on the drivers side. I still gotta get new doors for it but I'm waiting to see if it will straighten out first
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