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Had all swirls removed and OptiCoat placed this weekend

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Got my car back from detailer. A lot of money but wow, car looks better than when I got it from Munich.


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Looks really good, I really need to get my car detailed before I put it in the garage for the winter.
Shinny! I got an appointment this Saturday too to have my car detailed and wax done. Hope it would come out as good as yours.

How much did they charge you?
600. Took him 15 hrs. Said dealer prep left a lot of swirls bottom half of car
I don't like putting anyone down but honestly what do 16 year high school lot boys know about detailing luxury cars? I had dried up wax and swirls all over my car when I took delivery and it took me almost a week to repair the damage. I'll never ever let the dealer detail my car again, hell I don't even let them wash my car after a service because I know they'll mess something up.
Everytime the dealer washed my car, it looks just like a quick spray and wipe dry job. So this time I just told them don't even bother to wash it. But 600 is a bit more than I'm willing to pay. My guy charges me 150 including carpet shampoo, he normally charges 250 for the same job though.
$150 is the going rate here also. I plan on doing it later in the fall then again late spring.
So 600 was not detailing. It was to get all the swirls out which actually has to use an abrasive to cut into the clear coat. Then the opti coat is put on. It is a permanent sealant so any defects in the paint get trapped in. Anyway now I don't have to wax. Washing alone to keep it looking great. Will still have to do the 3 bucket technique to wash however
That's gorgeous! Carbon Black, yes?
Actually. Imperial blue. Is the hybrid so they did not offer carbon black. So wanted carbon black and the M package
Very reasonable price for swirl removal & Opticoat. Good detailing doesn't come cheap. It's sad that dealer-installed swirls are part-and-parcel of life ... just glad there are good detailers out there to reverse the damage like in this case!! All is good.
Getting 650 on 2 months. This time will heed advise from so many On this forum. No dealer prep and no service car washes.
Amazed that they won't use a better car wash system for high end cars.
600 is a pretty decent price for a full paint correction w/ opti coat. Pretty much any full correction is going to cost at least 500. Takes them forever since they have to work their way through so many levels of abrasives and polishes.

I've never had a full correction done since trying to keep a jet black daily driver swirl free is too much of an uphill battle for me. Every 6 months or so I just get a 2 stage polish to clean it up to where it looks smooth in the sunlight. You'd still see swirls and defects if you hit it with a shop light. Most dealerships, even higher end brands than bmw, are known to be pretty lazy when it comes to prep and car washes. Best to just leave that up to the pros or do it yourself.
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