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So I really like the look of the angle halo lights. but ugh... I have no idea how to go about getting them in my car. I have a 06 325i and its pretty as is, but I really love those lights. So does anybody know if they are "easy" for a chick to instal? haha I have no idea about where to even start. If i buy the right kind, should I be able to find a auto shop that will Install them for me or not even bother? I just want to get new lights, but have no idea where to start.
maybe if someone could post links to the best aftermarket parts to buy, and tips on installing them, I'm sure I have a guy friend who will help me. haha

my ideal dream would be someone near Milwaukee WI help me out! haha I will pay you to help me instal them and be super happy! lol


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