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Halogen bulb replacements

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I did NOt get the xenons, I know they look cool, but the 330I I bought did not have them.

I saw some GE "Blue Halogen" replacement bulbs for $10 bucks each.

I also saw some specialty places selling blue-colored bulbs for much more ($70+)..

Is anyone running a non-xenon system with non-factory bulbs?

If so;

What do they look like (compared to stock)?
Where did you get them?
How much (about)?
Did you install them yourself?

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I have the standard halogens, which I replaced with Philips VisionPlus bulbs. They are about 10-15% brighter that OEM, and have a whiter light. About $30 for 2 bulbs. Got them from
yes, the Phiilips are great bulbd and once my originals burn out or my patience wear thing, I'm going to replace my high beams and fogs with the Vision Plus bulbs.

AVOID any blue coated bulbs. the blue coating reduces light output and makes your car look cheap.

upgrade for increased light output and NOT for looks. there are some zenon retrofit kits available. others can fill you in as to which one is best, though. I have factory xenons and would order them again.
CCs328Ci said:
for more bulb choices, go to, they sell em :thumb:
They do? Where on the site did you see them??
geomax said:

They do? Where on the site did you see them??
well, they sell bulbs Geo, but not Philips VisionPlus bulbs, I was just telling him if he wanted to check out some bulbs go there. Ask a question or two there, they know also.. :thumb:
if you don't want reduce your light output or detract from the looks of the car, then stay away from the bulbs dipped in blue goop.

if you want xenon look alikes and don't mind blue looking headlights (even when off), then the blue goop bulbs are your least expensive option.

there are many brands of so called "upgraded" light bulbs and you don't need to go with an esoteric and expensive brand to increase your light output. I'm pretty sure that the philips bulbs are not only of at least the same high quality as other esoteric brands but they are reasonably priced as well.
31st330i said:
...esoteric and expensive brand...high quality as other esoteric brands...
Geez, you could have just cut to the chase and said PIAA...:D
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