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I have a 2012 X5 35i and the hands free stopped working. The screen just spins with "please wait". I also tried connecting to bluetooth entertainment and get the same result. As near as I can tell this is all tied into the 'combox for telematics' P/N 84109257163. Has anyone experienced this problem and been able to resolve it?
I once had a similar issue with my Bimmer about 3yrs ago, I took it to the dealer for diagnoses and they confirmed the Telematics unit was bad; they gave me an estimate of ~$900 to fix it.

I bought a working one on EBay (same part part # as mine) for ~$130 and changed it out myself and it's been working well till date.

However, the only issue is that it still shows the last 5 or so digits VIN of the donor car as my car ID; not sure how to change that (I'm guessing it requires coding but I do not have the tools for that). So my vehicle ID for pairing with the phones isn't the original last digits VIN numbers.
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