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I just got pulled over on the way home and its 11:50pm... :cry:

This happen to be the first time i've been pulled over in about a year which is a real good effort for me!
Convo ended up like this..

Me: Hi
Police: Can i see your lisence?
Me: :confused: *hands over lisence*
Police: do you know how fast you were going back there??
Me: No idea..
Police: you were doing about 80km/h and its a residential street.. (50km/h zone)
Me: Oh... :eeps:
Police: Can you tell me your name and address please?
Me: I'm **** and i live at *** right there actualy *points at house*
Police: Do you have a reason for speeding?
Me: :tsk: Well...I just came back from the hospital, and i have an early start tomorrow....
Police: (Breath Tests Me) and walks back to viechle to check up on my details.
Police, comes back take it easy ok?

I'd have to say that he was probably the only nice Copper i have ever bumped into... and i'd have to say that having a clean record for awhile has definately helped that!
and i'm safe to say that my excuse was actualy real! unlike the other times where you have to make up an excuse for speeding for no reason!

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Yeah, once and a while you do get a nice one..or two in my case! I was pulled over a few months back(65 in a 45) and a cop came up to each front window. The one on my side asked why I was speeding...I didn't have time to think of an excuse, so I flat out told him I knew I was going a little over but felt the road conditions were good enough and that I wanted to see if my car still "had it". Amazingly, he chuckled and looked up at his partner! They both joked to me about how they never encountered honesty like that before and let me go without a ticket or a written warning because of it! :)

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im sorry guys...but I think I beat both of you. 11:00 downtown I was driving with my friend in the car and my other friend driving right next to us in his Jetta 1.8t. So, we pass the main cop station of my city 1/2 mile back and we come to a stop light right next to each other on a three lane road. Road was cleared, so we talked to each other and decided to give it a little go. So light turns green, and we floor it. I had a terrible launch and my friends wheels chirped a bit and caught on. Now i wasn't looking at the speedo, but I had just shifted into 2nd and was about 5,000rpm. Id say we were going 60'ish, in at 30 zone. Up ahead the road gets reaally bumpy, so I brake but my thick-headed friend continues and reaches nearly 80mph. Being the responsible person that I am, once I stared braking I looked in my rear-view mirror to make sure no cars came up too close. And what do i see? A god damn police cruiser! So I came down to the speed limit and hes right in back of me. Im thinking crap, Im dead. He changes in the right lane and goes after my friend. 1/4 up the road I see the cop had pulled him over, so I pull all the way to the right hoping the cop wont remember my car and see it. This is how my bro and friend described what happened (they were in the car that was pulled over.

Cop: Hey son, you in a HURRY or something? What are you doing?
Friend: *Hands cop license* Im going over to my friends house, he lives near *******
Cop: You werent racing that other guy, were ya?
Friend: No...sir. Well... *Hangs head shamefully* I know it was a stupid action, Im sorry.
Cop: *Sigh* Alrite kid, drive safe wuld ya *throws back license, not even looking at it*

I think its fair to say I...well, my friend, wins
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