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Hi there,
I have a 2004 325xi, on first start in the mornings it takes about 5 min of cranking to get the first cyl to fire after that they come in one by one(takes about 2min). This is usually followed by a loud clicking noice from the vanos area which goes away in about 1 min. The car only has 23.000 miles on it, it had a pretty bad crash on the back end a few years back which destroid the wapor canister and the expansion tank but that has all been replaced. There are no vacuum leaks. blocked valves or hoses and all is working just fine after this first start in the mornings. I only get random misfire codes, not much help there. It has a good spark on all 6 and good fuel pressure. I tried disconnecting the vanos and start but it did not change anything. One last thing. I am thinking of trading it in for a later model, has Bmw fixed this vanos problems in the later models? :dunno:
Hope someone will be able to help!!!

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