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Harmon Kardon standard w/ 2001 330 pp?

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Or was this one of the changes last April when more items became standard?
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I think the new standard items went into effect for March production 2k1 cars and older. If you are wondering if you have, look at the switch set below the storage bin in the center console (where the heated seat switches are) and see if you have a switch that looks like a speaker...
The 325ci I test drove had the HK with the emblem on the speakers themselves. My 330ci doesn't. I will check the switch set under the almost useless compartment. Thanks!
All 3.0 engined 3 series comes with HK sound system as of March production, 2001.
I wouldn't worry too much if I were you... It's not like H/K makes that much difference anyways...

I have H/K in my M3 (it's an option on the M3 and standard on 330, I don't get it :mad: ) and I can barely tell the difference when driving my 325i, which doesn't have it...

I've had cars with Bose sound systems. Now, THAT is worth the premium...
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Agree. The H-K isn't worth squat. But then, don't listen to radio in car (M3) much anyway. The engine sings to me.
ALEX325i said:
I've had cars with Bose sound systems. Now, THAT is worth the premium...
Oh yeah, my mom's Maxima SE had the Bose system...*drool* :(
Re: H-K

glaws said:
Agree. The H-K isn't worth squat.
I've read countless threads on the org which disagree with this. I don't think we've rehashed the topic here until now (though I might be wrong).

And for myself, I've been in 323/325/328/330 with and without HK, and from my experience with my hears, I think it's DEFINITELY worth it. No question.
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