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Has anyone here gone from a 2 door 3series to a 4 door 3 series or vica versa

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I was just wondering because one day in the future when I trade in my 330Ci I was thinking of possibly getting a 330i (or some other 4 door) and wanted some peoples experiences.

Whenever I drive my 2 door I feel like I am driving a sports car but I can't imagine the 4 door feeling the same way. I know the cars are almost the exact same but does the 4 door feel like your in a sports car.

Don't knock me for saying this but the Ci is a really 'cool' looking car. Whenever I look at mine I can't help but think that I wouldn't have the same feeling looking at a 4 door.

Then I will see a nice 3 series 4 door on the road and think to myself how good it looks . . .
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I did


I had a 94 E36 325i, at the same time my now ex had a E36 325is. I always thought her car was sportier and felt more aggressive. Although my sedan did have four doors both cars could carry four in equal comfort.

This time I did not even pause, a ci for me. Much of it was looks, I really think the coupe looks better and I rarely carry more than one other person. The frameless doors worry me but BMW has been doing that for years. As far as rigidity goes I doubt that I ever push the car that hard where it makes a difference. I have driven a E46 325i without SP and it is nice but there is a big difference. Just my .02.
Re: Hot and Cool!

jag3er said:
This 323i is great, however, I'm going for a coupe next. My sister said "If you're not married, why are you driving a 'married-looking' car?"

I got those comments too when I had sedans although a E46 sedan is not to me a "fuddy duddy" car. I thought my E36 sedan was not a married looking car--although I was married when I had it.
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