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Has anyone here gone from a 2 door 3series to a 4 door 3 series or vica versa

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I was just wondering because one day in the future when I trade in my 330Ci I was thinking of possibly getting a 330i (or some other 4 door) and wanted some peoples experiences.

Whenever I drive my 2 door I feel like I am driving a sports car but I can't imagine the 4 door feeling the same way. I know the cars are almost the exact same but does the 4 door feel like your in a sports car.

Don't knock me for saying this but the Ci is a really 'cool' looking car. Whenever I look at mine I can't help but think that I wouldn't have the same feeling looking at a 4 door.

Then I will see a nice 3 series 4 door on the road and think to myself how good it looks . . .
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Alan, I feel the same way about my Ci. Me and a friend often trade bimmers - he owns a 323i. It definitely feels different in that car. My biggest complaint is the visibility of the front door windows. Since the front windows are shorter, your peripheral vision is reduced. And the whole cabin just seems smaller because of it. Exterior looks wise, the sedan looks good only in steel gray to me for some reason (my friend's is orient blue). I just don't feel as "cool" in his car (i know i'm lame sometimes). But as i've learned more about bmw's, i've been admiring the e36's more. and the e46 sedan definitely seems to have more of the "classic bmw look" to it.
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