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Has anyone here gone from a 2 door 3series to a 4 door 3 series or vica versa

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I was just wondering because one day in the future when I trade in my 330Ci I was thinking of possibly getting a 330i (or some other 4 door) and wanted some peoples experiences.

Whenever I drive my 2 door I feel like I am driving a sports car but I can't imagine the 4 door feeling the same way. I know the cars are almost the exact same but does the 4 door feel like your in a sports car.

Don't knock me for saying this but the Ci is a really 'cool' looking car. Whenever I look at mine I can't help but think that I wouldn't have the same feeling looking at a 4 door.

Then I will see a nice 3 series 4 door on the road and think to myself how good it looks . . .
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Sean said:
The ' Ci ' looks better, but the ' i ' handles/drives better.

Just my 0.02
Sean, can you Elaborate ?
ALEX325i said:
Hey Alan,

How's it going bud? Haven't "seen" you around lately. Hope all is well.
Hey Alex,

Good to hear from you !!
I haven't been hanging out on the board as much lately . . . I forgot you had the Ci. Can you tell me how you feel as far as driving one over the other.
Johnm 330Ci . . . I feel just as lame as you when I say the ci is 'cooler' but I can't help but feel it is :D :D
Also, you make a good point about driving the 323i . . . whenever I get a loaner it's usually a 323 4 door and for some reason I just don't feel like I am driving a cool car . . . There I go again with that word. It has nothing to do with it being a 323, I think it might be because it doesn't have the same 17 inch wheelsor maybe because its a 4 door but I will say that when I drive my 330 around with my non-sport wheels I don't feel as cool !!
BTW I have the sport package but bought the non sports for winter use
Yipper . . .

Awesome write up . . . so overall do you get the same feeling driving the 4 door over the 2 door or do you feel like an old man now ??

I have 2 little ones and I agree, the 2 door is a pain in the a** when I have to put one of them in the back and buckle them into thier car seat !!
Vexed . . . I know exactly what you mean, I just love the look of the coupe but Yipper's 330 looks damn good in those pics and if you compare the pics of his 328Ci vs the 330i, his 330 looks much more aggressive looking . . . the sport package wheels make such a difference :thumb: :thumb:

Yipper . . . thanks again for the great response . . . I'm not far off from you in age . . . at 33, I've got 2 kids, am on my 2nd (and hopefully final) home and have the minivan as well.

In fact I really want to trade in the minivan (A Honda Odyssey) for a sedan but my wife loves it and it has no payments so I guess we'll keep it for another year. Also it fits so much stuff in it, a sedan will probably feel tiny compared to it.

At the least, I'm going to check out the Honda Pilot when it comes out (an SUV similiar to the Acura SUV)

Also your points about the 4 door convenience really hit home . . . when I go to lunch with my partners, I wish I had a 4 door . . . it's such a hassle letting them in & out of the back when we take my car.
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Yipper . . . I was thinking about you today since I spent the afternoon with my son (almost 4 yrs old) and my Ci.

First we leave the house (into the backseat), then we go to the park to play (out of the back seat, then back into it), then we go to the toy store (out of the back seat, then back into it), then we go to dunkin donuts for a treat (out of the back seat, then back into it) , then we go home (out of the backseat)

My back is hurting from just telling you about it !!!

By the time I was done I was already for the 4 door !!!
I just posted this in so sorry if you saw it twice. I am reviving this topic.

My impressions after driving a 4 door 330i for 3-4 days vs. my 330Ci.

Driver comfort in the Coupe just seems better. Much more arm & elbow room, when you open the window it's not in front of you but it's actually next to you. Maybe I am not used to a small 4 door sedan as I've had mostly Sports cars/Coupes all my life and the only 4 doors I had were bigger then the 3er but in the 4 door really feels like a small sedan compared to the Coupe which feels like a large comfortable Coupe.

There are some aspects about the Sedan that I liked better then the Coupe. There is no doubt in my mind that the 4 door is tighter then the coupe. The Sedan also has all console controls closer to the driver and the driving position on the sedan I find more controlling for spirited Driving because you feel closer to everything. It's a little hard to describe but the drivers door feels closer which has to be an illusion due to less glass area and the closer b-pillar.

Anyway, I guess a lot of people don't mind the comfort factor since there are far more sedans out there than coupes.
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