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I recently got engine light on then DTC light on and said transmission fault please drive moderately and car not starting. The weard thing is that I waited about a few minutes and then after the car starts and DTC light is gone, then transmission fault message is gone. Then I just have engine light on.

Engine light code
Timing Ref Resolution Signal A too few pulses
Mod $12.00
Check optic fiber cables
Check power supply module

4 days after going home I was on the freeway and the light came out again and the car had minor loss of power same engine light on.... After a little I pulled over and let the car rest... Then car was driving normal

And while I was going on my drive way I went thru a small bump and the car just shut off.

If power supply module replacement would help. It sounds more of an electrical problem to me and not the transmission today my engine light was gone after I started the car the second time today and car seems fine Now.

Any suggestions?
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