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I have been off bimmerfest for a while, but i have still kept up with adding more and more to my car.
Being a 535i, it is a B*tch to work on compared to a 335i. I have gone through many headaches and I'm pretty sure I can save you from them as well.
First off, I live in St. Louis, Missouri. So if you have a 335i or a 535i and need help and are close, I will be more than happy to meet up with you or help install performance parts/harder repairs.

THE BIGGEST THING: I see everyone on the forms with an n54 engine talk about the best kind of intake, weather its BMS DCI or Injen to Dinan. DONT WASTE MONEY ON THESE!
If youre going to spend money on any intake, look up turbo inlets.
I ordered a set of silicon inlets from VRSF, install was a pain in the a$$, however from a $250 mod, you get 35-45 WHP when running just a JB4...On top of that you hear the lovely snails spool up the second you touch the gas.

Like I said earlier, ask away. I've done all my mods and repairs to my car. These cars can really last a long time if you take care of them...My 535i is FBO with other mods such as AEM 320 LPFP, inlets etc... if you need help or have questions, message me or comment.
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