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Hello there: I am a new-old timer to these forums and am trying to find some expert help to my mystery "rich mixture" problem for my 528e 1983.

I have checked everything there is to test involved with the Motronic 1.1 Fuel Injection system for this car; from fuel pressures, temperature senders, idle control valves, cold start valves, timing, rotor cap,wires, plugs, speed and TDC sensors, Air Flow Meter, changed computer MCU, O2 sensor, etc. etc.

Still, my mixture with new or old plugs is so rich that the car cannot be moved from the garage after installing a new set of plugs, that they become soothy and fouled within minutes. I don't have anything else to check or change on this bugger. What other component could be making the computer think it has to send so much fuel to the mixture??

Any bright thoughts out there????

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