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My hazards and my lock button dont work in side the car. what should i do ? i checked the fuses.
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Random electrical problems popping up mysteriously is often an indicator that your battery is on it`s last legs....if yours is more than 4 years old, replace it....Walmart has a suitable replacement for $ can`t go wrong with that. Make sure all battery connections are clean & tight, and that you have a clean, solid ground to the car`s chassis.
Just pull it out and glue it back, read this

I had the same problem and his worked perfectly. Pull it out glue it back and presto.

Also, the way I did it was using two flattened paper clips bent at the edges slipt throughout the openings on the buttons and turn to pull the piece out, worked like a charm a. I saw it somewhere but couldn't find the thread, no need to open up a bunch of stuff that way.

Edit : found it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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