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headlight lens

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I just picked up an 2002 530I I did not think it was too big of
a deal so I figured I could easily find replacement lens apparently
I was wrong.

I have the drivers side that is cracked and looks bad, However the light
works fine....
I want to replace just the lens is this not possible? does anyone have
a source? thanks much...
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Nope, not possible. The headlamp is a complete unit. Lens replacement is not possible. I suggest you start looking in junkyards or Craigslist for a used headlamp. A new one is about $500.
BMW doesn't sell 'just' the lens; but ... there are threads where people replaced 'just' the lens off of Ebay:

Here's what a quick 'lens' got me in the bestlinks ...

- Headlight plastic polishing & refinishing DIY (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) & polishing yellowed taillights (1) & replacing just the headlight lens (1) and all known options for replacing broken E39 late-model headlight adjusters (1)

hey thanks... I will post what happens. any other idea's??
Get DEPO replacements and be able to see at night. Two for about $250. Tried the BAVAUTO polishing kit $30. worth of junk. The dealers in NC want $250. to polish and paint them, another totAL waste.i
I bought my smoked headlight lenses off ebay for about $100 a pair. They were great quality and the install took me less than an hour for both
I bought a set of clear corner depos from eBay ($104) and was very impressed.
I found some on ebay but they are complete not just the clear lens, do you mean buy complete
and then take the lens off and install on current light set? Please advise.
Depends on the condition of your headlights. If you can just replace the lens, then I'd do that.
On the '02's you apparently have to "bake" the units in order for the glue to soften up enough to pry the lens off. Since you said the lens was cracked you may be able to replace it with an Ebay special made for the pre facelift units (though I would probably do both).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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