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Headlight out warning, but headlights work fine.

I haven't done anything with the LCM but it showing on my dash that headlights are out.
But the lights work fine. When i click on the high beams, the warrning will go away tell next time I start the car.

I notice on PA SOFT there are sections called "Cold Check" and "Xenon Lights and Headlights vertical aim control"

under the Cold Check everything but rear fog lights is checked.

under "Xenon Lights and Headlights vertical aim control"
Nothing is checked. I dont know what vertical aim control is or even if I have Xenon lights.

Would this have anything to do with the problem?

2001 325i 4 door

First time BMW owner here.
Has anyone seen this before?

Lights work fine....except the inner trunk brake lights.
But everything else is fine. NOTE: I did change swap out my ZKE/GM5 for a used one. I believe it came of of a 2000 328i and I have a 2001 325i

 photo 2016-06-21 20.28.22_zpsjyjbrm7n.jpg

 photo 2016-06-21 20.28.15_zpsibbizbkf.jpg

 photo 2016-06-21 20.24.49_zpsrrznle10.jpg
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