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So this weekend I decided to resurface my headlights because they were starting to look a bit pitted. The kit I used was purchased from and appears to be one of many products offered by the company Crystalview Chemicals. I spent about $30 on the kit (shipped), however I also found out you can purchase this kit at the evil walmart also.

The kit includes two different grits (both very fine) of wet sanding paper, a polishing compound, a sealant/finishing compound, and a few strips of cloth to apply those chemicals. You get a cheapo glove too, but I didn't use it.

The directions they provide claim that both headlights can be done in about 20 mins:
-wash headlight
-sand for 3 minutes with the fine sand paper, wipe clean
-sand for 1 minute with the finer sand paper, wipe clean
-polish for 1 minute, wipe clean and allow surface to fully dry
-apply sealant and begin sanding other headlight
-after 5 minutes apply 2nd coat of sealant to first headlight

My process was a bit more involved....
-pop hood and tape off headlight
-wash headlight
-sand for 3 minutes, realize I can still see alot of pitting

Start freaking out that this is not going to turn out well

-continue sanding headlight in small sections for 5 minutes each
-after 30 minutes headlight is free of pitting, wipe clean

At this point, headlight has a very dull finish, but it extremely smooth to the touch

-sand for 1 minute with the finer sand paper, wipe clean

Couldn't really tell any different in headlight appearance after this stage

-polish for 2 minutes, wipe clean and allow surface to fully dry

Headlight looks much clearer, but it still very hazy. Start freaking out again.

-apply sealant and be relieved my headlight looks almost normal again

The first coat of sealant nearly restores the surface, but not quite.

-turn on headlights to warm up headlight surface in order to help sealant cure
-apply 2nd coat of sealant and keep dry for a few hours (headlight looks great)

I also decided to refinish the side markers. Mine were both very hazy on top, but their undersides were still very clear - puzzling. I spent a little over an hour doing everything and the results have been great so far (24 hours later). I tested the surface this morning by pressing a damp cloth against the headlight with no impact to the finish.

In all the pictures below, I resurfaced the right headlight only. Any images of the left headlight are for comparison. The marks you see with the lights on from the top view are from a deep scratch and a deep pit in the headlight surface - did not want to sand the headlight that deep.

Anyways, to conclude, this is a pretty awesome product. However, keep in mind to use your best judgment when determining whether or not its appropriate to move on to the next step. The more time you spend sanding, the more damage you will remove, and the better the result.

Also, the AEs I have are Predator ICE Lite from Umnitza for anyone who is wondering. They've been great so far and do not produce any false-positive error messages.

I've included a few pictures below, however you can see more here (click on pictures for descriptions):


After Sanding

Other Headlight - Lights On

Restored Headlight - Lights on

Restored Headlight - Close up AEs only

Restored Side Markers

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That looks great! I know what Im doing tmrw!
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