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Heads up Display changed?

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Just wondering when this happened...

The Cruise distance display would appear on the heads up, and tell you what setting it was on, when it was not in use it use to show you the side markers to show it was still on;

Today I used the Cruise, which is the first time since a recent update to the bmw software, and it displayed exactly as expected when in use; but when I disabled the cruise by tapping the bakes, the cruise stays on, but not active, until you hit resume; but the orange markers that appear along the side to show its on in the heads up display also disappeared from the heads up, but were visible on the dash

No complaints from my end as I really like the way it works now - but this was a bit of a surprise as it appears BMW doesn't document any changes when they do this sort of thing;

Anyone else have ICC that works in this way with heads up? do you think it was the firmware update to the car or some setting that wasn't restored?

(i hope my clugy explanation made some sense)

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I have used ACC a lot and I have HUD. Mine is just as you dicribed it from day one. My car was made in November of 2012. Even after getting the global update in August it is the same.
I had a recent updated completed for a drive train malfunction that I was told was just made available in August...

Either way I think it is way better with the way it works now, less clutter in the HUD when that feature is not use...

I may have to go hunt for other changes now - like we hae time for that, rather be driving it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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