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I have a 2006 BMW 330i e90. The outside heater flaps/fresh air flaps (not sure which) but the flaps under the hood on the passenger side under cabin air filter, wont close. They are stuck open allowing very hot air to come through the vents even when a/c is shut off. A few times they closed when I disconnected the ground on the battery for a few seconds and they closed a couple of times on their own and the air worked perfect, until the system tried to regulate the air temp or I turned the car off. It opens and sticks open. The temp is ran all the way down to 60 on both sides and the center dial on the dash is all the way to the left in the blue. I have repeatedly tried every mode on the heater controls and it still allows hot air to come in even when the blower motor is off. Blower works fine by the way, and the Freon charge is right. Is there a fuse that controls the blower actuator and if so which one? Or is there some way I can manually close the vent (flaps) to where they will stay closed until I can get it fixed? Just started a new job with a 60 mile commute and need the car for at least the next month. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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