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Heated 12v Clothing Suggestion (for Winter TOURING)

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I am looking for an alternative to BMW's heated vest this winter. Now that Widder no longer sell heated clothing anymore (my buddy used to ride with this) I really don't like Gerbing's heated clothing (too bulky and heavy)

Has anyone ever try +VENTURE brand heated clothing (vest or gloves)? What do you think of its performance?? I found them at AMAZON and their site:

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Unfortunately I've yet to hear good things about any battery-operated vests or gloves. I can't admit to having tried them myself, but they don't review well compared to a proper 12V system. Now, if you don't have the extra amps to cover it in your electrical system, then battery op might be the way to go... or if you're allergic to cords. Me, I have a 12V outlet in my dash I'm not using... so... ;)

Now, if this stuff can be fitted to 12V it ought to be good :)

I tend to go to for reviews... they have reviewed the latest stuff from Gerbing quite well. Check it out, I like their site a lot.
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