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Hello Everyone,

Was just kindly pointed to this forum today although I have been participating/following other forums for quite some time.

I just recently upgraded from an 00 M Roadster to a 02 M Roadster about 2 weeks ago. I have made a few minor cosmetic/aesthetic upgrades + installed Porterfield R4S's and just ordered an ACS exhaust as the first significant mod. Am now trying to decide on wheels/rubber and hoping to talk to Karl about changing the gears, also starting to think about suspension.

I am totally LOVING the S54 and appreciating the suspension improvements although still breaking it in. Unfortunately a guy in a pickup with a hitch backed into me the other day (hitch landed squarely on the BMW emblem) and my fair weather baby is at the body shop awaiting a new hood and one headlight assembly (this happened at < 300m). Can you believe it? Oh well, the weather sucks right now and i have a lot of time to research mods. I should be back on the road in a week or so.

See you around,

Ottawa, ON
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