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Hello all...

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As of Feb. 16, 2002 I am the new owner of a 325i with Auto, Sport, Premium, Leather, Bi-Xenon, Harmon-Kardon and Folding Rear Seats.

Already on order is an M sport steering wheel, UGDO and Aluminum Trim. When those are installed my next project will be an antracite headliner.

If my sig shows up correctly, you will see that I am a current Benz owner and all I can say is "Now, I understand..."
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Let us know how the headliner project goes. I've got natural brown leather and wouldn't mind trading in my tan headliner for anthracite.

Re: Re: Headliner

Jim Seattle said:

Gary - Does the headliner match the Natural Brown? How close it it? I looked on your site and saw some that showed it pretty good, but it does look different. Is the headliner lighter?
The headliner is not an eyesore, but it would have been a smarter move to go with an anthracite headliner. I don't understand why BMW decided on sand.

I can be obsessively detail oriented and I would certainly consider the anthracite headliner project if it wasn't too involved. My understanding from visiting the factory is that it's one huge pre-formed piece of hard felt. It's not likely you could simply order the part, but I suppose it's possible.


rost12 said:
What's a UGDO ? :confused:

/me ducks
Universal Garage Door Opener
rost12 said:
Ahhh...Thanks :)

I've found that my father's built-in garage opener has smaller radius than my stand alone remote. /me doesn't need no UGDO! :)
There's a part that will increase the range on the UGDO that they'll give you for free if you call and complain.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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