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Hello everyone plus a question

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Just wanted to take a moment and say hi to all. Came into a 93 525i which needs some fixing up. This is my first BMW, would like a newer one but I guess beggers cant be choosers right?! Be en reading through all the posts and thier are alot of knowledgable people who are members and I've learned a lot aready to fix a bunch of small stuff - thanks.

Need to replace the resonator back but wanted to stay away from oem replacement seeing the cost will be around $1200.00, will replacing them components needed with aftermarket equipment cause me to have any back pressure problems? Is their anything I should look out for? Found a shop that can outfit me with what I need for about $300. I'm just concerned that it wont run right without the oem parts. I'm not building a racer or anything just need it to be quiet and run right.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to all future posts from everyone.

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You don't need OEM. The aftermarket ones will be fine. Just try to make sure you don't get a setup that is load like the ricers...if you don't want that!
Thanks woodnthings8, ya not looking for a loud ricer exhaust... its loud right now and I don't want that but of course when their is no muffler on it that could be the problem.:D

thanks again
You might pick one up at a wrecking yard. They drop right out pretty quick with only a few tools. Might save you some cash up front.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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