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I found this site by searching for answers for a wet back floor boards and have been hanging around for awhile and then decided to join. I have had a 1996 525I and now have a 2003 540I that has the sport package and premium sound package. of course, the radio has just stopped working and am in process of getting Alpine 900bt for.
I usually browse alot on this site about every few days.
My 540 is sapphire metallic black and i have or am doing some small mods to it.
1: Smoked crystal tail lights
2: Smoked headlights.
3: smoked fog lights
4: painted grills.
5: sporty mirrors w/ turn signals behind smoked lens.
The tail lights are done and grill has to be redone. all paint will match car color. might get a low spoiler in future but no the m5 stick on.

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