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I'm a newbie here. I also post regularly on and, with the same username.

I own a 97 2.8 that I'm starting to modify. This is gonna be a fun project. I sort of needed that, because my 4Runner is pretty much done.

So far, I've done...

  1. Strong Strut
  2. Butt Strut
  3. Full chrome kidneys
  4. Clear sidemarkers
  5. Fogged airbox
  6. Z3 Solutions console cupholder
  7. Brighter, xenon-like headlights
  8. Bridgestone S-03s
  9. The roll hoops are in the basement, awaiting retrofit
  10. Enough already, the car's been out of storage 2 weeks!

    The carbon fiber trim is already ordered to replace the wood. I got tons of other projects in my head. So much mods, so little time... :cry:

    Here are a couple of pics :

    I look forward to posting here with all the tech gurus!
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