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I'm a new beemer from Finland and i have a E36 325iA Coupe as a project.

What i have done to it this year:

(Problem was vanishing coolant, white mist coming from exhaust and high HC level. 1500-2000.)

Headgasket replacement.
- Replaced all gaskets, including rubber rings that goes to cylindergaskets bolts. Receommended if you don't want oil leaks to plugs.)

Painted cylindergasket.
New sparkplugs (NGK as recommended by Bimmer Tuning Club Finland Forums.)

Rust removal by cutting rotten plate and welding new one.
Replacing most of coolant lines.

Replaced plastic thermostat cover with aluminum.
Replaced old 82mm bmw logos with black/white logos.
Bought used angel eyes headlights to replace oem headlights. (still waiting for them to arrive.)(Oem headlights were in really bad shape. Alot pitting in glass, and somebody attached headlights to sidelights with screws. :eek:)

Bought all inside door covers used and painted them black to go well with my Calypsorot.

I haven't test started engine yet, i just finished putting all lines etc back together in engine bay.

All i have to do now is finish the rust control, connect exhaust manifold to pipes, pour in the coolant and oil. And bleed coolant system.

After i have test ran the system, i'll warm up the engine well, rev little bit, and maybe drive illegally on my pebble road for while, then exchange oil again to clean it well.

Blabbering again..

But nice to be here and hope to be able to contribute to some posts. :thumbup:


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I'll be riding my 93 coupe hopefully soon. Just few tweaks. My regular mean of transportation (cant call it a car) is 97 mazda. ;) not so cold now, during summer 20 to 25 celcius. But winter is usually -10 to -30C.
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