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Hello to all Bimmer owners out there.

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My message is more like a few questions. I will start with I LOVE MY 525i. Love IT!!!However it seems as though it does nothing but have problems after problems. I have only had the car for 2 years. It was used and had 77,000.It was beautiful. I immediately feel in love. First you must understand that I absolutely HATED BIMMERS. Until I saw this car. I have clearly changed my mind, Anyway back to my questions. Since I have had it I have had to replace the passengers side window and track (twice), brakes (4 times) driver side front seat with the "twist" (once) and now the passengers side is doing the "twist". Its' get up and go has got up and gone. and for the final problem while having the brakes done( like I said the 4th time the radar expansion tank springs a leak. So I guess I'm just wondering if all Bimmer's have these kind of problems or is it just mind. Is she a LEMON? I really don't care I love her to death but just wanting to know what I have in store for a long time to come. Anyway that's all the nagging I have for now. Thanks