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Hey I am new to forum. My last car was audi A6 2008. I looking to get 5 series BMW.

With my budget $12K i can get something around 2005-06 car wit prox 100K miles and more.

I ill be more than glad if you guys, who already own cars like this help me what should i look if i ill go to dealership and what i can expect from this old car with over 100K on clock.

Thank you for any comments and advice.
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Am thinking between 2006 BMW 525 xi 102k or 2007 BMW 530 i 106k

Any advice ? Thank you
Make sure the car has been serviced and transmission and diff oil has been regularly changed on the car. Look for radiator coolant leaks and start motor is a common issue along with battery dying dying. Check for oil leaks under the car protector covers, you see a drop of oil, find the leaking source or don't buy the car if you don't have a good indy. These are good cars if they are maintained not according to BMW standards, if you know what I mean.
Thank you kskane for info. I ill check those thinks 4 sure.
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