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Hey everyone I just picked up a 1979 320i. I got it in a non running state I was told it was burning coolant but ran of coarse no battery so I couldn't even check that out. Got her home and started cleaning it out and there was a old water pump in the trunk so I removed head and had it machined and the valves ground.
Took all weekend but I got it all back together problem is it wont start :cry: I have spark and fuel I was able to get it to fire up for a few seconds but that's it, I am sure I got the distributor clocked right.
I think I got all the vacuum lines right. It has had a egr delete from a previous owner.
It could be possible im not getting enough fuel as I have not change the fuel filter yet and the fuel relay was also bypassed when I got it. When its bypassed does it just start pumping fuel in intake or does it need vacuum on the k-jet
Any suggestions for a place to start :dunno:
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