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Hellrot Turbo Build and eventual LS Swap!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it has begun. This morning at 8am, we started.

Phil gave me the inspiration with his cooling system thread, so I didn't take pictures. (Actually I forgot my camera) but you can all imagine what it was like :rofl:

First, compression check, 190-200 psi on all cylinders, I was very impressed! :thumbup: Especially for 195,000 miles. BMW makes great I6s! Not that anyone didn't know that...

Removed intake manifold, all exhaust, cams, radiator, bumper, cams, and finally the head.

Cylinder walls were in good condition, obviously they looked like it had many miles, but it was very well taken care of.

Mounted T3 manifold and turbo, mocked up downpipe, intercooler.

Next we will put in the .140 MLS headgasket, tighten up manifold and turbo, make exhaust, intercooling piping, and ect.

But, I am leaving for New Orleans on Friday, so it won't be done untill after I get back :thumbdwn:

I'm getting very excited already!

I will have pics next time I work on it, as for now, I am going to sand blast the valve cover, and repaint it.
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Good luck Matt! Next time take picatures!
Good progress Matt!!! Keep ut the good work :thumbup:
the date hasnt been announced yet. They had to reschedule
So like mid summer I would assume?
I would hope so cuz it would suck to have it occur during school (even tho i may take summer classes

And Frank, early May was the original plan. They had to postpone tho
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Im goin fo' sho' :supdude:

(Why do we always end up going OT bout Bimmerfest? We should make a grand Bimmerfest discussion/arrangement thread :dunno:. Ill make one now...)
Soooo many ppl from BF.c make it to Bimmerfest, they just like their little corner rather the the bright 'Fest :rofl:
guys... we haz bimmerfest thread :confused:
No we actually have a fest '10 thread :rofl:

Get it right :rolleyes:


I see wut you done'd there :nono:

Good work Matt!! Sh!tty pics tho :p.
yea u gotta point. Hope you get that bish running by the weekend :thumbup:
hey fool, you better as hell break that sh!t in if needed. I dont want you to end up like a friend here. Blowing motors left and right after rebuilds and tuning. Also sounds like Mike :eeps:. :nono:

Just sayin, cuz the last thing id want to see is the dreadful blown motor thread.

Love your enthusiasm :lmao:
fail :lmao:

Good work Matt!

And why am i not surprised you forgot your camera? :p
Good sh!t matt!

Bravo!! :clap:
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