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Hellrot Turbo Build and eventual LS Swap!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it has begun. This morning at 8am, we started.

Phil gave me the inspiration with his cooling system thread, so I didn't take pictures. (Actually I forgot my camera) but you can all imagine what it was like :rofl:

First, compression check, 190-200 psi on all cylinders, I was very impressed! :thumbup: Especially for 195,000 miles. BMW makes great I6s! Not that anyone didn't know that...

Removed intake manifold, all exhaust, cams, radiator, bumper, cams, and finally the head.

Cylinder walls were in good condition, obviously they looked like it had many miles, but it was very well taken care of.

Mounted T3 manifold and turbo, mocked up downpipe, intercooler.

Next we will put in the .140 MLS headgasket, tighten up manifold and turbo, make exhaust, intercooling piping, and ect.

But, I am leaving for New Orleans on Friday, so it won't be done untill after I get back :thumbdwn:

I'm getting very excited already!

I will have pics next time I work on it, as for now, I am going to sand blast the valve cover, and repaint it.
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and you better be coming to bimmerfest with the pack....
Oh there will be videos and hopefully some kills!

I would LOVE to come, but driving from PA to CA is a long ride, I'd have to have some friends go along for the trip.
were getting a pack to roll down

me lou frank clark carlos

and all of our buddies that want to roll.... and im sure people are going to tag along on the way.... well i hope
oh and if poor boys racing sees this he should come to
its about 3 days of driving..... there.... and 3 days back

thats taking our time though.... like 18 hours a day....

and i think the drive is going to be more fun than the actual fest itself..... but i have never been there so idk

and i plan on staying down there for 2 days to rest and meet people from on here....

would be sweet if you could come man..
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Yea, I am seriously considering going now. I need to find out how much this will cost :rofl:
im going to have around 1500 for oh **** gas and tires...... because mine just spin all the time..... and think about it.... 2800 miles there

2800 back

runs while we are down there

and maybe some cheap vendors??

i have no clue whats downs there......

and vic...... thats what we are doing.... head north to meet us though :(
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thats because when i see people from the area of east coast.... i try to recruit.... lol!!!
Sounds about right, if I don't drive, I may have to bum a ride :rofl:
if my lady friend cant go or doesnt want to i got you..... pay half the gas??? :p
wow.... this thread just cunfused the SheT out of me.....

And any Progress??
oh.... lol i got ya... ummm is it loud? lighter than stock? and uhh loud? hahahhahahaah

ill do that trade all day.. i have no clue what kind it is though... :)
Hmm, I say it's lighter than stock, but I haven't weighed them, but I'd say I'm 95% sure it is. It's also louder than stock, but not obnoxious, just a decent tone and a little louder.

I may be getting seats from another guy, but just because they're M3 rears, which is what I really want. What else is on this car? Does it have a black armrest?
yeah all black interior.... if it doesnt have an armrest you can have mine... i hate it.. lol
Pics? I only want mint stuff. And why do you hate it :confused:
i don't have pictures but if you would have texted me like last night i could have got you some... so i cant get that exhaust?
Damn matt... i really like it..

we can hazz turbo races in maybe 2 months... :eek:
easy man..... chill....

i would be running 22 lbs of boost.... so yeah... fluck you

That sounds nice, but still a downgrade. If you do get it, I'll race you bro. :thumbup:
Read OT
I"m looking into a turbo build on my 328. i have some parts and pieces put together but I"m pretty skeptical about running lean and wrecking everything. what did you use for a turbo, injectors, tuning, ect.? Any advice you could give me would be great. I have found one place for tuning and they want me to buy there kit, there exhaust, they have to install it ect. considering i work at a bmw dealer as a tech. i would kind of like to do it myself.
Do it yourself. use mustang injectors. 47lbs i think. get a chip(obviously). make sure your engine is breathing perfect before FI aka all exhaust 3" pipe.. and a 3.5 maf
From what I've heard it's not so bad, but I have no experience with it.

Updates/pictures coming in a few minutes guys. :D
I think he thinks you did a ObdII to OBDI swap. ahahha

i wouldnt even do it.... too many sensors and ****tzz
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